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How an Electronic Cigarette Works

The electronic cigarette is a logical and healthy evolution to tobacco cigarettes, and the concept behind their operation is actually very simple. An electronic cigarette is lit only when it "feels" passing air through the cartridge that has a hole provided for this purpose. A probe sends a signal to the micro-chip, and it then turns on the vaporizer that evaporates the nicotine liquid, made of glycerin or propylene glycol, or a mixture of both. Since the mixture contains nicotine, e-cigarettes provide the same satisfaction to the smoker as a cigarette to tobacco, but unlike tobacco, the electronic cigarette does not emit tar, because there is no fire or combustion, nor smoke. This is the main advantage of the electronic cigarette, since it reduces the risk of cancer. The consumer can choose from different doses of nicotine and a variety of flavors, such as mint, tobacco, vanilla, coffee, chocolate and more. Cartridges with 0mg of nicotine are also available, allowing someone to quit gradually, while "vaporizing" these different flavors.

With current prohibitions against cigarettes in most public places, electronic cigarettes are the best alternative available for a smoker. In theory, an e-cigarette can be used anywhere and even indoors because it contains no harmful ingredients found in tobacco. But a restaurant owner, for example, can ban it if he is not familiar with what an electronic cigarette is.